OA World Service

Located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA, the OA World Service exists to support individual members and OA’s thousands of groups worldwide, as well as to carry our message of recovery to compulsive overeaters who are still suffering. OA estimates its membership at over 60,000 people in about 6,500 groups meeting in over 80 countries.

OA World Service provides a bookstore for meetings and members to purchase OA literature as well as documents and resources for OA members. It also has paperwork for submitting workshop ideas, guidelines for OA meetings and members, and information for newcomers.

OA Region 4

There are 11 OA regions in the United States and Canada. Region 4 serves eight midwestern states, two Canadian provinces, and one Canadian territory. Each region is organized to serve communication between groups and intergroups within and between each region and OA worldwide.

Region 4 hosts workshops, events, and conventions for all of the intergroups in its area. They also publish a monthly newsletter. Documents and forms for region business  can be obtained directly from Region 4.

OA Unity Intergroup

Unity Intergroup serves approximately 55 OA meetings in the Region 4 area, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, and outlying communities in central and southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin, with the purpose of carrying the message of recovery to those who still suffer. Unity Intergroup is part of Region 4 and is affiliated with OA World Service.

Unity Intergroup hosts conventions, workshops, retreats, and other events throughout the year for OA members. They also have a complete list of all OA meetings within its service area.


Every day there are a variety of OA meetings. The different types of OA meetings are explained at https://oa.org/members/meetings.

To see a list of meetings around the world, please look here: https://oa.org/find-a-meeting/.

For a list of meetings within Unity Intergroup, please look here: http://overeaters.org/meeting-list/.